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by Ann Weaver McDonald, 2008 - self-published by Blurb.com

Two formats:

  • Hardcover edition - 13 x 11 inches (48 pages). USD $69.95 plus $3.00 each for shipping in the US; $5.77 sales tax in Texas
  • Softcover edition - 10 x 8 inches (50 pages). USD $32.95 plus $2.50 shipping in US; $2.72 sales tax in Texas

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Art Lives in West Texas: The History of the Lubbock Art Association and of Art Activities in Lubbock and 21 Counties 1951-2003
by Conny McDonald Martin
[The first book published by Pecan Press.]

(working title) Over the Black Stump: Two Texans Flying VFR in Australia.
by Ann W. McDonald
[The soon to be published account of Craig and Ann McDonald’s Aussie adventures flying a rented Piper Archer around the perimeter of Australia for forty-one days in 1997. Text will be accompanied by the author’s intriguing aerial photographs made during the excursion.]


Both books and photographs may be purchased at this time through this site by email. Please send inquiries to annwmcd07@gmail.com and put “purchase” on the subject line.

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